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  Bill Kenz
Co-founder of Kenz & Leslie
A visionary, design engineer and race car builder of extraordinary talents. Bill performed his magic in the Kenz & Leslie Race shop for 40 years in Denver, Colorado. His talents were showcased for Bonneville, the drag strips, oval and midget tracks across the country. Bill was also a member of the National Early Ford Club.
Roy Leslie
Co-founder of Kenz & Leslie
Engine builder, disciplined team manager and out-standing race driver. Roy's driving and overall team coordination drew national acclaim on the midget tracks, at Bonneville and NHRA drag racing. He was a member of and past president of the Grant 200 MPH Club and was inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 1973. Roy was also a member of the Colorado Motor Sports Hall of Fame and the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame.
  Ron Leslie
Performance parts and research specialist for the team in the later years. Ron became nationally recognized as one of the top drivers in the first of the "funny car" wars, driving the High Country Cougars.  Today Ron serves as President for Kenz & Leslie Distributing and serves on the board of directors of BG Products. In 2011 Ron was inducted in to the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame. To read more about where Ron is now Click Here.

Kenz & Leslie
Denver, CO Est. 1938

Home of the famed 777 Kenz & Leslie Bonneville Streamliner, holder of 5 national champion Bonneville Speed Trial awards. Americas fastest car in 1957 at 270.473 mph. It all happened at 1255 Delaware, race cars from ground up to completion, including early midget, oval, drag race and Bonneville cars.
Hi performance V8 60's in the midgets that could run with the famed 4 cylinder Offenhausers were built in the Kenz & Leslie V8 shop.

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